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Specific requirements for construction in Greece

Particulars Concerning House Construction in Greece.

You want to have a house constructed in Greece – where do you start?

House construction in Greece starts with purchasing a land plot. This transaction consists of several stages. Our company will do its best to make it easier for you.

The land owner should provide a copy of his own land purchase contract and a topography plan of the land plot.

We will check if the topography plan correlates with the actual existing plot, and we will also check the plot’s construction coefficients. These are factors which define the maximal permissible metric area of the building that may be constructed on this particular plot. For example, on a plot with metric area of 100 m2 which is granted a 0.4 coefficient one may construct a house which has a metric area of 40m2.

All land plots in Greece split into 2 categories:

  • plots within a populated area
  • plots outside a populated area

They are granted different construction coefficients. For example, a plot located within a city area may have a coefficient ranging from 0.4 to 2.4, which may also be increased, as an exception. With regard to the second type, plots covering an area exceeding 4000 m2 are considered eligible for construction (exception can be made for plots covering a smaller area which adjoin a road).

  • Permissible metric area of a house to be constructed on such plot is calculated in the following way:
  • Plot 4000m2: a building which has a metric area of 200m2 is allowed to be constructed.
  • Plot area 4000-8000m2: the building metric area is calculated as follows: 200m2 + (plot metric area – 4000) x0.02

Plot area over 8000m2: the building metric area is calculated as follows: 280m2 + (plot metric area – 8000) x0.01

Along with the plot checkup our staff members will investigate its legal history (tax history, possible fines etc).

Land prices in Greece depend on numerous factors such as the plot’s location, its distance from the sea and the nearest populated area, the view it has etc.

To help you make the best choice and invest your money in the most profitable way Mavdiris development staff members are always ready to answer all your questions and to help you choose the property that meets all your requirements.

Mavridis Development makes use of the state of the art and innovative achievements of science and engineering as well as richest experience gained by several generations of our construction professionals. It makes possible to implement your most aspiring desires and projects. Unparalleled quality of work performed by highly qualified professionals are matched by state of the art design and construction technologies, accurate choice of materials our construction professionals use, continuous monitoring and control we maintain at all stages of construction project implementation and its efficient management.

While constructing your house, we are using the best quality building materials as well as state of the art technical solutions which guarantee the project’s safety, comfort and convenience of use. The company staff will help you choose the optimal materials which are best suited for the work to be completed, as well as the best design solutions which take into consideration local terrain and other particulars.

Our staff’s expertise ensures that your plans will be realized to the fullest. Mavridis Development provides complex supervision at all stages of construction work starting from design plans and specifications development till their final implementation. Professional knowledge and skills our staff possess will help construct your Greek house in shortest time and minimize your expenses.