Αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης

Real Estate Management

All formalities completed, and you became a proud owner of a small part of Greece – now, what next? Most real estate agencies would shake your hand, say their good bye, and it is most unlikely that you will ever hear of them again. But you still have to buy some furniture for your house, connect it to telephone and internet lines, lay out and decorate your garden or you may even want a small swimming pool to be constructed, to say nothing of getting some idea of local customs and traditions. Besides, who is going to take care of your house while you are away or clean it before you arrive?

Mavridis Real Estate Development will help you solve all these problems, because we aim at making your stay in Greece most comfortable and enjoyable.

Our company offers you the following property management services:

  • Taking care of your property (airing, checking for your property safety, its cleaning as stated in your contract).
  • Paying your electricity and other bills
  • Your home management
  • Keeping you informed about the state of your property
  • Assisting you in house staff hiring
  • Taking care of your garden and yard
  • Assisting you in furniture and house appliances purchase
  • House redecoration and repair planning and organizing
  • Security management and security systems installation
  • Calling an electrician, plumber and other professionals, in case of emergency.
  • Special advice on any possible questions

Property Management Service Contract
Mavridis Real Estate Development renders any property management services based on a Property Management Contract which is signed with the property owner. The contract states its subject (services to be rendered), the rights and responsibilities of its parties and other terms and conditions any such document contains. After signing this contract you hand in your property key to our company representative.
Renting out your property while you are away.
We will also assist you in renting out your property while you are not in Greece, and we will take care that your rent is duly transmitted to your bank account. We will also keep an eye on your property for you.

The standard property management service price (based on your contract) is 50 Euro per month. This price includes:

  • Property checkup, including its pipes and electricity lines check (once a month)
  • Informing the customer of any possible faults
  • Airing the property
  • Paying current bills

One-time Property Management Services

  • We also offer one-time property management services. They are rendered on request, and no contract is signed. For example, the service fee for paying an electricity bill will amount to 10 Euro. Electricity bills are delivered every two months, and the sum to pay is calculated by the meter. Water bills are delivered every four months; they are also paid by the meter.