Αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης

Legal Services

Business Permits under Greek Law, face a series of requirements that are not so easy to orchestrate without stepping to a new problem, at the moment you are trying to solve another one. It takes a holistic approach and a clear target, to be able to manage various aspects of a Business Start Up in Greece. It does not mean that any part of the process is less important than the other, but too much complex legislation, often discourage investors. These are the task we undertake for you. We begin the process focused on the time schedule and the defined target. Solutions will not be the same even for the same problems. Different aspects or time restrains may apply. Making business with us, guarantees you clear solutions, and clear answers. The Legal Services we specialize in are:

  • Permits of any sort, Private Construction, Retail, or Industrial Business Permits.
  • Tourist Investments – Planning-Construction-Permits. Legal defense on Building Law regulations, and interpretation.
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Consulting on Greek Building Law issues, affecting long term investments.
  • Environmental Permits, Live Stock Permits and Optimization on new EU legislation, so as to apply for EU funding.
  • Building Law Optimization, on any specific plot case, both for in plan construction, and out.
  • State Certified Building Legislation Compliance Inspections.