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Our company is based on KOMOTINI, capital of THRAKI Prefecture, in Northern Greece.


Our region shares borders with Bulgaria to the North (borders on 15km), and with Turkey, to the East (borders on 80km). Distance to Greece 2nd economic center, Thessaloniki, is 270km, 2hrs highway drive.
Bulgaria 2nd economic center, Plovdiv, is 1,5hrs drive.
Istanbul can be accessed in 3,5hrs by car, and several International Bus services are fully operating, every day. Connecting also to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.

This facts places our region in the center of an emerging tourist oriented market, where the not so developed, Northern shores of the Aegean Sea, in THRAKI, turns gradually even more interesting!
Investments on Real Estate, of any kind, where minimal, up until now, and the upgraded proximity to Bulgaria, and Turkey, has set new possibilities to the region.

This was the 1st summer which the Northern access to Bulgaria operated in full capacity, and upgrading is already being planned, for International Passenger lines (buses), and International Transport services. 14000 cars crossed the border entering Greece, each weekend of 2014 summer.


The road quality from the Greek/Turkish border to Istanbul, was upgraded. Whole length of the highway has been resurfaced, and nuisance of road construction does not exist. Access is possible in 3,5hr drive day, and night.


Tourist interest locations in the mainland, are Maronia region, with numerous quiet beaches, ancient olive trees, vineyards, and quality fish taverns


and Fanari, with its numerous beach bars, partygoers, and long sandy, shallow, beaches.


Unique beauty natural wonders, the islands of Samothraki, can be accessed by in 4hrs, combined trip by ship and drive, by the ports of Alexandroupolis. (30min drive, 3,5hrs ship)


and island of Thassos, which can be accessed by in 1hrs, combined trip by ship and drive, by the ports of Keramoti. (40min drive, 20min ship).


Ancient settlement of Maronia (25mins from Komotini), boasts the Odysseus (Ulysses) stop to visit and steal the sheep from giant one eyed beast Cyclops! The cave still exists, and the visit worth the drive amongst, famous local vineyards, view of Thracian sea, and accompanied in every road twist, with local wild oregano smell, that can be found everywhere!

Who we are:

MAVRIDIS Real Estate Development & Business Consulting company, operates in the region for the last 40 years. Run by the all Engineer owners, provide a team of high credibility academic background.
Deep knowledge of the subculture, and local demand, combined with strict quality policy for the final product puts us on the list of Partners, everyone would love to make business with. Our commitment to client satisfaction, is what gave us the opportunity, on Greece economic crisis, years, to expand in given services.
Our attitude towards the client, never were, never was and never will be, driven only by economic profit.

Where we operate:

Company offices are located in 1 Thasou st, 69100, Komotini. We operate in Thraki Prefecture, Komotini, Maronia, Fanari, Arogi, Samothraki island, Thassos island.

We operate also in Thessaloniki, providing mostly financial advices on starting a business, and assessing values for downtown center properties.


Where are we specialized:

Our aim, is the sustainable realization of your ideas. Effectiveness, persistence and finding solutions when it seems impossible, our expertise. Either for starting a Business or Investing in Real Estate in Northern Greece.
We provide services from as simple as opening a small business branch in Thrace Prefecture and the Islands, to Planning, Designing, and Constructing any scale and kind of property, like Retail complex, Urban apartment complex, or Vacation Villas.
We have recruited a credible Partners team, to provide you with solutions, as early as the assessment of various proposals on Locations, and Property, evaluating risks with Legalities and regulations. Our Partner, Real Estate Agent, works by our side, in research of realization of your business ideas.
We have experience both in Privately funded developments, and Medium scale Public Works. We have constructed the 1st energy consumption scale B+ in Komotini! We are able to undertake any scale projects, big or small.
Small as designing and constructing Shop Interiors, Private home Interiors, and Refurbishments, to Large Apartment Complex investments, although they are now scarce, in Greek Real Estate.

Samples of finished, operating, projects:


Interested on starting a business? Interested on investing on Apartment complex? Student Rental housing buildings? Hotel or Rental homes? Vacation villas?
We make sure you deal only with your business matters. Legalities, in Greek state are still a minor issue, and managing your economic strategies against law changes, can be demanding sometimes. We make sure you stay open, operating legally, efficiently and prosperous!
Reliability is our most competitive asset! We are used to operate in more or less Spartan effectiveness!