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ARCHInima – Architectural Office



With studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Architecture (2000-2007) and with fresh and lively look at Greek building and architecture actually fitted by the rich and my family long manufacturing tradition, I started my first steps in the design in my small hometown alongside another old architect, endowing me with valuable knowledge, and then followed by the creation of my own architectural firm.
Having integral supply my brother John Mavridis, civil engineer (MSc Structural Engineering, Univ. Of Surrey, UK.), And our father’s valuable advice Anestis Mavridis also engineering, operating in the construction of 30 years, we in whole, the planning, design, budget, construction, interior decoration and general overall handling and effective guidance of the individual towards the realization of each ergou.To team spirit, the will and friendliness, generated during the duration of development projects, allowing the office to gain friendships and follows customer with the people who trusted. For us this is success.


  • Architectural drawings and architectural design – supervision of constructions
  • Building permit file (structural design and study, electrical and mechanical design and structure design, KENAK and gas study, fireprotection regulation and study, tax payments, project budget estimations etc.) and supervision of the project in general.
  • Permits to operate sanitary facilities of all types (restaurants, coffeterias, night clubs, bakeries, and public gathering areas in general ) with full folder studies necessary (drawings, certificates, fire protection, and all arrangements needed from all the public services demands.)
  • Energy inspections – inclusion in the “Saving Energy at Home” investment program and compilation of a complete file needed to applicate to the bank of the customer’s choice.
  • Buildings Regulation Compliance (John Mavridis), which allows the developer and owner of the project to be able to control the process underlying the project for authorization, particularly the “sensitive” parts of this.
  • Renovations and decoration(design and construction) of apartments, residences, shops, small or big places or parts of the residence or shop ( kitchen, dining room, living room, children’s and adults’ bedrooms e.t.c.) ensuring low prices in the construction part.
  • Photorealistic illustration of the project and its spaces indoors and outdoors, furniture design and construction.
  • Visualization and virtual video.